MCSP-044P: Mini Project

New Revised Syllabus of MCSP-044P: Mini Project From IGNOU

MCSP-044P: Mini Project :: 4 Credits

The project work constitutes a major component in most of the professional programmes and it is to be carried out with due care and should be executed with seriousness by the students. The objective of the project is to help the student develop ability to apply theoretical and practical tools/techniques to solve real life problems related to industry, academic institutions and research laboratories. Working on Mini project is to get used to the larger project which you will be handling in the 6th semester.

The mini project is of 4 credits and a student is expected to devote about 1-2 months in planning, analyzing, designing and implementing the project. The initiation of project should be with the project proposal that is to be treated as an assignment. The synopsis approvals will be given by Project Counsellors. Project Proposal should include the following:

Input and Output
Process Logic
Limitations of the Project
Tools/Platforms, Languages to be used
Scope of Future Application.

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