MCS-043: Advanced Database Management Systems

New Revised Syllabus of MCS-043: Advanced Database Management Systems From IGNOU

MCS-043: Advanced Database Management Systems :: 4 Credits

This course will help the students to acquire the theoretical foundation of Database Management Systems. It includes concepts relating to various advanced database models, and concepts like database mining and warehousing. This course also describes in major details about the foundation of relation database management systems. Thus, this is an advanced course, which will further develop the knowledge and skill acquired by the students at the basic level.

The Relational Model, relations, relational operators, relational algebra and calculus, embedded SQL, storage structures in databases, advanced concepts of Entity relationship model.

Relational Database Design, Functional Dependency, Multi-valued dependency, Theory of Normalisation, Query Processing, Concurrency management, Recovery Management, Database Security management.

Advanced Data Models, Client-Server database model, Distributed database model, Database servers and Application servers, Object Oriented Data Model, Knowledge Databases, Multimedia Databases, Geographical databases, webs database, Mobility and Personal Databases, Database as Backend to Web Tools, ODBC, JDBC.

Data Warehousing: Concepts and Applications, Data Mining, Future trends etc. Architecture of advanced DBMS.

MCS-043: Advanced Database Management Systems
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