MCS-042: Data Communication and Networks

New Revised Syllabus of MCS-042: Data Communication and Networks From IGNOU

MCS-042: Data Communication and Networks :: 3 Credits

The main purpose of the course is to provide the broad coverage of data communications and computer networks related topics. The course uses the OSI (Open System Interconnection) reference model as a framework for presentation of topics. The course explores large numbers of concepts, techniques, design applications and finally standards.

Introduction to Data Communication and Computer Network Concepts, Data Transmission, Data Encoding & Communication Technique, Multiplexing and Communication Hardware, Media Access Control and Data Link Layer, Data Link Layer Fundamentals, Retransmission Strategies, Contention-based Media Access Protocols, Polling-based Media Access Control Protocols, Media Access Control Protocols for High Speed Networks, Introduction to Layer Functionality, Routing, Congestion Control Algorithms, Internet Protocol (IP), Internetworking, Transport Layer and Application Layer Services, Transport Services and Mechanism, Transport control mechanism, TCP/UDP, Remote Procedure Call(RPC), Applications.

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