MCS-034: Software Engineering

New Revised Syllabus of MCS-034: Software Engineering From IGNOU

MCS-034: Software Engineering :: 3 Credits

Software Project Management, Introduction to Software Engineering, Evolving Role of Software, Software Myths, Software paradigms, Fourth Generation Techniques, Software Process Technology, The Spectrum of Project management, Components of Project Management, The project, Project Metrics and project Planning, Different types of project Metrics, Metrics for Software Project, Estimation of Software Project, Models for Estimation, Automated tools for Estimation, Risk Management and Project Scheduling, Software Quality Assurance, Classical Methods of Software Engineering, Principles of Software Requirements Analysis, Modeling and Design, Data Modeling, Functional Modeling, Methods of Systems Analysis, Software Design Principles, Modular Design, Methods of Design, Data Design, Architectural Design, Interface Design, HCI Design, Real Time Systems Design, Software Testing Object Oriented Software Engineering, Introduction to Object Oriented Software development, Components of Object Model, Managing an Object Oriented Software Project, Analysis of Object Oriented Systems, Components of Object Oriented Analysis, Object Relationship Model, Object Behavioral Model, Design of Object Oriented System, Components of Object Oriented Design, Process of Object Oriented Design, Object Oriented Programming, Testing of Object Oriented Systems, Reusability, Reengineering, Developing Client/Server Systems, CASE tools, CASE environment, advantages of CASE tools.

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