MCS- 011: Problem Solving and Programming

New Revised Syllabus of MCS- 011: Problem Solving and Programming From IGNOU

MCS- 011: Problem Solving and Programming :: 3 Credits


The course is aimed to develop problem-solving strategies, techniques and skills that can be applied to computers and problems in other areas which give students an introduction to computer and analytical skills to use in their subsequent course work and professional development. Develop skills to identify a problem and design appropriate solutions. Emphasis is on introduction of algorithms with the use of specific tools to illustrate the methods. Also, to acquaint the student to one of the programming language and preferably the procedural programming language i.e., C language and give them in-depth knowledge of important features of C. Techniques will be illustrated using sample problems drawn from various areas.


Introduction to Computer Problem Solving, Problem solving techniques, Design of algorithms, Iterative versus recursive style, Top down design, Algorithm efficiency analysis, Introduction to C, What is a Program and a Programming Language, C Language, Historical development of C, What type of language is C, Writing, Compiling and running the Program, Variables and Constant Types, Character set, Delimiters, Identifiers and Keywords, Data types and storage, Data type qualifiers, Declaration statements, Variables, Rules of defining of variables, Initializing variables, Types of variables, Constants, Type Conversion, Expressions and Operators, Assignment Statement, Arithmetic operators, Relational operators, Logical operators, Comma and Conditional operator, Priority of operators, Decision and Loop Control Statements, Arrays, String Handling, Built in string handling functions, Functions, Types of functions, Structures, Unions and Pointers in C.

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