MCA CS-14 PROJECT Intelligent Systems

Course Code : CS-14
Course Title : Intelligent Systems
Assignment Number : MCA(6)-14/Project/04
Maximum Marks : 15
Last Date of Submission : 30th October, 2004

This is a Project Assignment. There are three questions in this project assignment. Answer all questions. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance explanations.

Question 1: The two well-known logics viz. Propositional Logic (PL) and First Order Predicate Logic (FOPL) are monotonic logics. Knowledge Bases (KBs) that use PL and FOPL for inferencing are monotonic, i.e., adding new facts to such a KB increases the amount of knowledge contained in the KB. However, the axioms for the real life KBs are found to be neither complete nor certain and hence have to be non-monotonic. Discuss all the extensions (that are discussed in your text) of PL and FOPL that accommodate different forms of uncertainties and non-monotonicities.

(10 marks)

Question 2: Write short note on informed search methods.

(3 marks)

Question 3: Discuss the desirable characteristics that an effective knowledge organization system should possess.

(2 marks)

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