Certificate in Food & Nutrition (CFN)

Certificate in Food & Nutrition (CFN)

The Certificate in Foods and Nutrition is basically a Post-Literacy level awareness programme meant for people with basic reading and writing skills. The Programme aims to acquaint the learner with the role of food in ensuring healthy living for the individual, family and community. It includes features like food selection and preparation, nutrition from infancy to old age, economics of food, kitchen gardening, food adulteration, consumer rights, safety and education, etc.

The programme lays primary emphasis on Nutrition with relevance to present day scenario, cost effectiveness, environment friendly approaches that reaches to almost the entire nation, hence making the learners responsible and aware citizens of tomorrow. The programme consists of 16 credits.

No formal qualification

Min. Age
18 years

Min. Program Duration
6 months

Max. Program Duration
2 yrs.

Course Fee
Rs. 600/-

Medium of Education
English, Hindi & other languages

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cfn certificate course in nutrition
iam living in Nagpur
want to do CFN
certificate courses
iam doing bhm degree in hm….iwant to know about certificate course of food & nutrition. iam a commerce student so wwhat are the certificate coureses for that….
food and nutrition
I wanted to know what are all the certificate distant courses in food and nutrition or dietics in India and their study centres.How to apply for these and regarding syllabus.

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