MCA : CS – 09 PROJECT Computer Networks

MCA CS – 09 TMA Computer Networks

Course Code : CS-09
Course Title : Computer Networks
Assignment Number : MCA(5)-09/Project/05
Maximum Marks : 15
Last Date of Submission : 30th April 2005

This is a Project Assignment. Answer all the questions. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance answers.

Question 1: Derive the throughput expression for Aloha and slotted Aloha. (2Marks)

Questions 2: Simulate slotted Aloha protocol and plot a graph of Throughput Vs Load.
(Note the program should be well documented). (3 Marks)

Question 3: Simulate a 1-bit sliding window protocol and submit the detailed report of data
structure, library function used for implementing the protocol.
(5 Marks)

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