MCA Assignments : CS – 09 TMA Computer Networks

MCA Assignments : CS – 09 TMA Computer Networks

Course Code : CS- 09
Course Title : Computer Networks
Assignment Number : MCA(5)-09/TMA/05
Maximum Marks : 10
Last Date of Submission : 15th April 2005

This is a Tutor Marked Assignment. Answer all questions. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance the explanations.

Questions 1: Answer the following questions as applied to communication satellite:

a) Explain the following items: (1 Marks)

Bent pipe
Geostationary satellite
Station keeping

b) Describe the operation of VSAT.
(1 Mark)

Question 2: Explain the features of HDLC and describe in detail the Frame Format.
(2 Marks)

Question 3: a) Describe the features of Giga-bit Ethernet and its cabling specifications.

b) List all the routing schemes with their important features. (1 Marks)

Question 4: a) Make a comparative analysis between IPV4 and IPV6. (1Mark)

b) List five aspects of Network performance and briefly describe them.
(1 Marks)

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