MCA CS-03 PROJECT File Structure and Programming in COBOL

MCA CS-03 PROJECT File Structure and Programming in COBOL

Course Code : CS-03
Course Title : File Structure and Programming in
Assignment Number : MCA(2)-3/Project//04
Maximum Marks : 15
Last Date of Submission : 30th October, 2004

This is a Project Assignment. There are two questions in this Assignment. Answer both the questions. Each question carries equal weightage. You must run the resultant Program and submit the Program logic and sample input and output. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Starter kit for the format of presentation.

Question 1:

A University stores following disk files for various transactions relating to fee deposit by its students:

File 1: Student Master
Organisation: Index – Sequential on Student Number
01-09 Student Number
10-30 Student Name
31-60 Address
61-66 Programme Code
67-74 Total of fee amount deposited so far
75-80 Unused

File 2: Programme Master
Organisation: Index – Sequential on Programme Code
01-06 Programme code
07-51 Programme Name
52-54 Duration
55-57 Level (for example, PG, UG, etc.)
58-66 Total Fees
67-80 Entry Qualification

File 3: Transaction Table (Kept semester wise only)
Unsorted file
01-09 Student Number
10-18 Date of Fee deposition
19-26 Amount deposited

Labels are standard. The first field of the records in each file represents the key field.

Write a COBOL program that updates the total of fee deposited by the student in Student Master and prints each of the transaction (Reporting errors if any) in the following output format:

01-10 Transaction Number (A new number is generated for each transaction)
10-18 Date of Transaction
19-20 Amount deposited
21-39 Student name
40-49 Total of fee deposited by student so far
50-55 Programme code of student
56-64 The remaining fee that will be deposited by student later (by subtracting
total of fee deposited by student from Total Programme fee).

The file should be sorted in the Order of Student Number.

Question 2:

A University has database of students at two different places: its administrative office and College of the student. However, over a period of time it was found that the information stored about the student in college database is most recent, but it does not store the information about the students who have not paid the fee. As per the University policy the data of such student should also be maintained along with other students, but indicating proper status. The student information is stored in the following format:

01-09 Student code
10-35 Student name
36-50 Programme
51-70 Address

Write a Program in COBOL that combines the two files to create a single file. The combined file will have same structure till 70th position and on 71st position a status information code is added about the student. Please note that the latest student addresses are available in College file and the status will be ascertained from the fact that the student name does not appear in college file but exists in administrative office file.

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