MBA Assignements : TMA MS -65 Second Assignment Marketing of Services

Course Code : MS-65
Course Title : Marketing of Services
Assignment Code : 65/TMA-2/SEM-II/2004
Coverage : Blocks 3, 4 and 5

Note : Answer all the questions.

1) A 5-star hotel group has successfully positioned itself as the business travellers� preferred chain. The group plans to initiate a sales promotion scheme to achieve the following objectives:
To enhance weekend occupancies
To induce trial purchase by competition users.
To reinforce perception of the hotel as an exclusive product that admirably fulfills all
hospitality needs of high profile executives traveling on work, even their emotional needs.

i) Suggest a sales promotion scheme for fulfilling the above objectives
ii) Which communication medium would you suggest to communicate information about the sales promotion offer., and why?

2) What is the impact of a service guarantee on the perceived risk customers experience in purchasing services?

Examine the following service guarantees offered by different companies and give your comments whether these are good guarantees or not?

a) An Automotive service company : �We guarantee all parts and services for a period of six months or six thousands miles�..� and �services will be performed or parts will be replaced as needed�..�. For this the customer must first sign an authorization that includes �Company assumes no liability whatsoever for theft or any type of damage to the vehicle or its contents.�

b) An Airlines: �We guarantee that passengers will be on time for their connecting flight, unless the delay results from problem with the weather or air traffic control�

c) A Hotel : � 100% satisfaction guarantee: We guarantee high quality accommodation, friendly and efficient service, and clean comfortable surroundings. If you are not completely satisfied, we don�t expect you to pay�.

3) In western countries, auto manufacturers have been using the concept of automobile as a service, long before it came to India. It was just a case of Indian automobile companies not taking an initiative a the right time to carry out these services which makes a difference to potential car buyer. Identify some of these services which auto manufacturers can offer to remain competitive / for gaining competitive advantage.

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