BCA Assignements : TMA CS – 64 Introduction to Computer Organisation

BCA Assignements : TMA CS – 64 Introduction to Computer Organisation

Course Code : CS-64
Course Title : Introduction to Computer Organisation
Assignment Number : BCA(4)-64/TMA/05
Maximum Marks : 10
Last Date of Submission : 15th April, 2005

This is a Tutor Marked Assignment. There are two questions in this assignment. Answer all the questions. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance explanations.

Question 1:

(a) What is an Instruction in the context of Computer Architecture? What are the key fields that must exist in a Computer Instruction? 1 Mark
(b) How is an Instruction executed by the Computer? Explain with the help of a symbolic instruction such as SUB A, B. How can computer execute a subroutine call? 1 Mark
(c) What happens when an Interrupt occurs in a machine? Explain all the steps with the help of an example of occurrence of a keyboard interrupt. 1 Mark
(d) A Company has its own Mail server, which has a secure backup. Suggest the suitable configuration for the servers. You must include the following details in the configuration: 2 Marks
� Cache memory
� Memory Capacity
� Disk Capacity and whether to use RAID
� Input/Output devices/interfaces
Justify your selection by giving reasoning in support of your answer.

Question 2:

(a) What is the need of many addressing modes in a machine? Select the addressing modes for a machine that process data only in the registers. Give reasons for your selection. 1 Mark
(b) What is a Micro-program? Explain how the micro-program results in execution of an instruction given in question 1 (b) above. 1 Mark
(c) What are the advantages of having segments in 8086 Microprocessor? Describe the usage of various segment registers with the help of an example each. 1 Mark
(d) Explain the following in the context of 8086 Microprocessor. (Give suitable example of your own) 2 Marks
Shift Instructions
BCD addition
Addressing modes of 8086 microprocessors
Multiplication and Division

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