Question Paper of CS-02 Introduction to Software of June 1996 from IGNOU

Note :Question 1 is compulsory. Attempt any three from the rest.

1. (a) Construct context free grammars of roman numerals.
(b) Given two positive non-zero integers N and M. Design an algorithm for finding their greatest common divisor.

(c) Which of the following are reasonable long term scheduling algorithms and which are reasonable short term scheduling algorithms?
� First cum-First served
� Round-robin
� Shortest Job First
� Highest Priority First
� Longest Process First
(d) What are the different types of operating system? Which type of O.S. is most suitable for the following applications?
� Process Control of a Chemical Plant
� Railway Reservation System
justify your answer.

2. (a) Define the essential difference between Network O.S. and Distributed O.S.
(b) What are main difficulties in writing an operating system for Real time O.S. environment?

3. (a) Describe the difference between short term, medium term and long term scheduling.
(b) Describe how fixed length record I/O and variable length record I/O are implemented in UNIX system.

4. (a) Compare and contrast multitasking and multiprogramming.
(b) Discuss the usefulness of program development tools.
(c) Discuss the drawbacks with semaphore mechanisms.

5. (a) What is the basic purpose of program control? Explain the usefulness of Gantt chart and PERT chart.
(b) Why RDBMS engineers use the CASE system?

6. (a) Give several seasons why the study of concurrency is appropriate in operating system design.
(b) Explain various advantages of Client-Server model.
(c) Explain the concepts of
� Synchronization
� Mutual Exclusion

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