TEE-DEC. 1999

Question Paper of CS-02 Introduction to Software of Dec 1999 from IGNOU

Note : Question 1 is compulsory. Answer any three from the rest.

1. (a) Construct context free grammar for
(i) do……………while loop in �C� language
(ii) an arithmetic expression in �C� language
(b) Write a shell program to find Greatest common Divisor (GCD) for the two given numbers.
(c) Write an algorithm/program to concatenate two given strings.

2. (a) Discuss different loader schemes.
(b) Explain the utility of Lex and Yacc in the construction of a compiler.

3. (a) Discuss the development environment of GUIs.
(b) What is the basic philosophy of X-Windows? How is it different from the rest of GUIs?

4. (a) Multiprogramming implies multiprocessing or multitasking but the converse is not true. Support the statement and discuss briefly.
(b) Explain different types of schedulers with respect to scheduling and performance criteria.

5(a) Compare and contrast multiprogramming with static partition and multiprogramming with dynamic partition.
(b) Illustrate and discuss with a diagram, the address mappings in a paging system and segmented system.

6. (a) Explain the implementation of Demand paging in UNIX operating system.
(b)List the UNIX commands to compare two files.

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