TEE – DEC. 2000

Question Paper of CS-02 Introduction to Software of Dec 2000 from IGNOU

Note:question 1 is compulsory. Answer any three from te rest.

1. (a) Write an algorithm/program that reads a list of numbers and makes a count of the number of negative and positive numbers in it.

(b) Write a shell program to compute 1/n!

(c) Construct context-free grammar for
(i) Conditional expression in �C� language
(Example: x = (y < z)? y : z ; )

(ii) For statement in �C� language

2. (a) Discuss the mechanisms that support or enforce more structured form of interprocess communication and synchronization.

(b) Discuss the first come first served scheduling algorithm with its merits and demerits.

3. (a) Compare and contrast the following :
(i) Multiprogramming with fixed partitions and multiprogramming with dynamic partitions.
(ii) Paging and segmentation

(b) Explain the following :
(i) Coalescing
(ii) Compaction

4. (a) What are typical phases in software development life cycle and its associated development tools?

(b) Discuss the functions performed by loader. Explain the direct linking loader scheme.

5. (a) Compare and contrast the cross compiler with bootstrapping compiler development.

(b) What are the major components of NeXT STEP? How are applications written in NeXT STEP environment?

6. (a) Explain about the CPU scheduling in UNIX.

(b) Write about the following basic file operations in UNIX by giving a suitable example for each :

(i) Copying files
(ii) Renaming files
(iii) Deleting files
(iv)Links between files

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bpp result dec 2000
Dear Sir,
i was a student of bpp program held in dec 2000, but i am not able to cont. my study know i want but i have no certifficate equal to 10+2, becose i am not recived my grade card form ingou after given the exam in dec 2000 for bpp. pls do the need full

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