TEE – June, 2001

Question Paper of CS-02 Introduction to Software of June 2001 from IGNOU

Note : Question one is compulsory. Answer any three from the remaining.
1. (1) Write a BNF grammar for the following C-language syntax :
a. Looping statements
b. Switch statements
(2) Write an algorithm for converting a decimal number to binary code
(3) Write a shell program to convert older version of a file with the current one
(4) Draw a parse tree for the following arithmetic expression :

2. (1) Discuss the different approaches to Compiler Development with examples.
(2) Discuss the implementation of macro within an assembler with an example.

3. (1) What is the basic philosophy of X-Windows? How is it different from the rest of GUIs?
(2) Discuss the important features of vi editor

4. (1) Describe all the performance criteria that are frequently used by schedulers to maximize system performance.
(2) Compare and contrast different types of schedulers

5.(1) Describe the H/W support of mutual exclusion.
(2) Describe the run time behaviour of 3 processes using semaphore.
(3) Describe deadlock characterization

6. (1) Compare and contrast disk allocation methods
(2) Discuss the following feature of as applied to Unix O.S. :
CPU Scheduling

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