June 1998

Question Paper of CS – 03 File Structure & Programming in COBOL of June 1998 from IGNOU

Time : 2 Hours

Maximum Marks : 60

1 (a)(i) Explain the Implementation of iteration in COBOL with the help of an example. Is recursion supported by COBOL? Justify your answer.

(b) What is the function of SEARCH statement in COBOL? How does this statement operate on date? Explain with the help of example.

(c) What is the purpose of MERGE statement? Explain with the help of Examples.

(d) Compare and contrast the relative and sequential file organization. Suggest types of applications where relative organization will be preferred over sequential organisation.

(e) What is the need of level 77 and level 88 entries in COBOL? Explain with the help of two examples each.

(f) How is string find and replace operation implemented in COBOL?

2 ABC company is a pharmaceutical company and maintains records about its 5,000 products in a master file in the following format:

Medicine code : 5 characters
Medicine name : 50 characters
Quantity in stock : 10 digits
Date of expiry : 8 characters

It produces almost all the products everyday. The daily produce of every medicine is stored in a transaction file

Medicine code : 5 characters
Quantity : 10 digits

Write a program in COBOL to update master file from the transaction file. Indicate the file organisations of master and transaction files you have chosen and why?

3 Explain the following COBOL verbs with the help of one example each:
(b) ON SIZE ERROR option
(c) GO TO DEPENDING statement
(d) USAGE clause
(e) REDEFINES clause

4 Write the Data division and procedure division of the COBOL program for sorting an array of 10 elements using any sorting method.

5 XYZ company keeps its data as:
(i) The structure of master file is:
Product code 5 digits
Name 20 characters
Quantity in stock 30 characters

(ii) The company has two stores at two different locations but same structure for the master file. (iii) The two stores have some common products. Write a program in COBOL which produces the list of the overall stock of all the Products.

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