Dec 1998

Question Paper of CS – 03 File Structure & Programming in COBOL of Dec 1998 from IGNOU

Time : 2 Hours

Maximum Marks : 60

1 (a) How is the multiple level array defined in COBOL? How do you search for specific information in them? Explain with the help of an example.

(b) What are the usages of INSPECT statement? Explain with the help of examples.

(c) How do you implement iteration in COBOL? What is the use of nested PERFORM loops? Explain with examples.

(d) Compare and contrast relative file organisation with and indexed sequential file organisation. Suggest the types of applications where relative file organisation is better than indexed sequential file organisation.

(e) What is the need of level 77 and level 88 entries in COBOL? Why are they needed? Explain with the help of examples.

(f) What are the basic string oriented operations which can be implemented in COBOL? Explain with examples.

2 The XYZ Telephone Nigam maintains monthly records of STD calls in the following format:

The STD transaction file : Organisation (sorted datewise)
Caller�s telephone number : 10 digits
Called telephone number : 10 digits
Duration of calls in minutes : 2 digits
Charges of call : 5 digits
A master file is also maintained by the company :

The Telephone Master file : Organisation – Sorted on telephone numbers

Telephone number : 10 digits
Customer name : 20 characters
Customer address : 50 characters
Monthly rantal of phone : 4 digits

Using sort and/or merges, create monthly bills for each customer. You need not include the details of STD charges in the bill, only the cumulative STD call bill should be reflected along rentals and other details.

3 Write a program to create an indexed master file from the following files:

Product Master File :
Product Number : 5 digits
Unit Price : 5 digits
Purchase – Transaction file :

Customer number : 5 digits
Customer name : 20 characers
Quantity purchase : 5 digits
Product number : 5 digits

The format of Indexed Master file is:

Please note the amont owed is calculated by multiplying the quantity purchased with the unit price.

4 (a) Write a prgram to print the summary report of salesperson�s names and the total of amount transacted by him. The sales file has the following format:


First record a salesperson�s records
Salesperson number : 5 digits
Salesperson name : 25 digits
Number of records in the group : 5 digits
Subsequent-records for the same salesperso
n Salesperson number : 5 dtis
Salesperson name : 25 digits
Sales amount : 3 digits
Unused : 2 digits

(b) ABC Company encourages its employees to enroll in college courses. It offers them 70% rebate on first Rs. 5000 of tution fee, 50% on next Rs. 3000 and 20% on next Rs.2000. Write a program in COBOL that inputs employee name and tution fee paid and outputs the name of the employee and rebate amount.

5 Explain the following COBOL verbs with the help of one example each :

(a) MOVE and ADD CORRESPONDING statement
(b) DIVIDE with SIZE ERROR and ROUNDED options
(c) RELEASE and RETURN statements
(e)ACCEPT and DISPLAY verbs

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