Dec 1999

Question Paper of CS – 03 File Structure & Programming in COBOL of Dec 1999 from IGNOU

Time : 2 Hours

Maximum Marks : 60

1 (a) What is Y2K problem? Why is this problem occuring with many COBOL programs? Propose a solution to this problem, from the viewpoint of COBOL.

(b) How can SORTING of data in a data file be done in COBOL? Suppose the data is in an array of COBOL then how will the SORTING be done?

(c) Compare and contrast the characteristics of relative file organisation with indexed sequential file organisation. Explain the applications where you will perfer relative file organisation in comparison to indexed sequential file organisation.

(d) What is the use of SEARCH statement in COBOL? Explain the working logic of this statement. Give example of this statement.

(e) What are the level 77 and 88 entries? Can level 77 or 88 entry be replaced by normal record entries? Give reasons for your answer.

(f) What are the usage of STRING and UNSTRING statements of COBOL? Explain with the help of one example each.

2 Write a program in COBOL for creating an indexed master file for a banking environment from the following files:

Account balance file
Account No. 5 digits
Balance 8 digits
Account holder Name 25 characters
Transaction file of the day
Account No. 5 digits
Wthdrawal or Deposit 1 digits code
Amount 6 digits

The format for index master file is

Account No. 5 digits
Account holder Name 25 characters
Present Balance 8 digits (obtained from using Account balance and Transaction file)

3 ABC Video library maintains its records in a COBOL file of following format :

Video cassette file : (Not sorted)
Name of Video 25 characters
Video Code No. 5 digits
Caste 25 characters
No. of cassetters 2 digits

The library had two offices both having similar file structures, but due to paucity of funds both the offices are being merged. Write the COBOL program to create one video cassette file from the two files of the offices. Pleace note there may be some cassettes which are availabel in both the libraries, so take necessary precautions while making single video cassette file.

4 Write a program in COBOL to print total slaes of each slaesperson from the following transaction file:

Name : SALES TRANSACTION (Not sorted)
Salesperson No. : 2 digits
Salesperson Name : 25 characters
Amount of Sale : 8 digits

Please note the following points while programming:

* There are 20 slaespersons numbered 1 to 20
* There may be numerous records per salesman
* Input records are not sorted
* The output will include individual sales record and their total.

5 Explain the following COBOL verbs with the help of one example each

(a) INSPECT statement
(c) REDEFINES clause
(d) SIZE ERROR option
(e) While loop implementation using PERFROM

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