June 2001

Question Paper of CS – 03 File Structure & Programming in COBOL of June 2001 from IGNOU

Time : 2 Hours

Maximum Marks : 60

1 (a) What is the purpose of LABEL RECORD clause in COBOL? What are the options available with this cluase? In which division of COBOL is this clause used?

(b) A company stores name, address and basic pay for its full time employees and name, address, daily pay, days present for its part time employees. How can this information be stored in one file of COBOL?

(c) How can you test whether a number is positive or negative in COBOL? Is Nesting of IF statement allowed in COBOL? How can IF statement be used for termination of a loop? Explain by giving an example.

(d) How can COBOL check for missing data? Explain with the help of an example.

(e) What is the purpose of SEARCH and INDEXED BY clause in tables in COBOL? Explain with the help of an example.

(f) What is relative file organisation? How is it different from Indexed sequential file organisaton? Give an example of a situation where you would like to use relative file organisation.

2 An export unit has the following requirements:

* The export unit keeps track of its raw material using a master file having the following structure:

Item_no 10 characters
Item_name 25 cahracters
No._of_available_units 10 digits
Maximum_expected_requirements 10 digits
Stock_procured 10 digits

* A transaction file is kept for issue of raw material :

date 8 characters
Item_no 10 characters
issue/receipt 1 character
quantity 10 digit

Write a program in COBOL for updating master file from transaction file. Incorporate necessary checking features in your program. Make suitable assumptions, if any.

3 A company has two manufacturing units: both manufacturing a number of products, some of them are common. Each unit keeps its produce status on a file having following structure:

Produce file
product_no 5 characters
product_name 25 characters
quantity 5 digits

Every month the products are sent to the common selling station along with the product file. Write a program in COBOL that takes the two files and produces a single product file for the selling office. Make suitable assumptios, if any.

4 Write a program in COBOL to create a master Index-sequential file for a Bank from the following transaction file:

account_number 10 digits (key)
account_holder_name 25 characters
balance 10 digits
last_updated_on 8 characters

Make suitable assumptions, if any.

5 Explain the following COBOL verbs with one example each:
(a) OCCURS clause
(b) SET statement
(c) INSPECT statement
(d) ACCEPT and READ statements (e) Statements for MOVE and GROUP MOVE

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