December 2001

Question Paper of CS 06 – Database Management System of December 2001 from IGNOU

Time: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 75

Note: There are six questions in this paper Question number 1 is compulsory and carries 30 marks. Attempt any three,from the rest.

a. Design a Relational database to the E-R diagram given below (7)

b. Explain the following general integrity rules of Relational Model: (8) i. Entity Integrity
ii. Referential Integrity

c. For the relations P and Q, perform the following operations: (8)
i. Find the projection of Q on the attributes (B,C)
ii. Find the natural join of P and Q on the common attributes.


A – B – C – D
a1 – b2 – c2 – d2
a2 – b1 – c1 – d2
a1 – b1 – c2 – d1
a2 – b1 – c2 – d2
a1 – b2 – c1 – d2
a3 – b1 – c2 – d1
a1 – b2 – c2 – d2
a2 – b1 – c1 – d2
a1 – b3 – c2 – d2


B – C – D
b1 – c1 – d2
b3 – c1 – d2
b2 – c2 – d1
b1 – c1 – d2
b3 – c2 – d2

d. Write short notes on (7)
1. Object Oriented databases
2. Schema in database approach

2. Define the following terms (15)
i. Aggregation
ii. Specialization
iii. Generalization
iv. Data Independence
v. Query Processor

a. Explain the distinction between the representation of association and Relationship in the network and hierarchical models. (7)

b. Explain why navigation is simpler in the Relational model than in the Hierarchical data model. (8)
4. Discuss the differences between the following file organizations: (15)

a. Serial
b. Index-Sequential
c. Hashed
d. Inverted

Compare their storage and access efficiencies. To what type of application in each of the organizations suited?

a. What are the advantages of normalized relations over unnormalizaed relations? (5)
b. Why is 4NF preferable to BCNF? (5)
c. Explain the design goals of a good relational database design. (5)
a. Explain how the knowledge representation is done through semantic network. (5)
b. Discuss the basics of client/server computing paradigm. (5)
c. Explain Dynamic Data Exchange and Remote Procedure Calls (5)

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