DEC 1997

Question Paper of CS-15 – RDBMS of Dec 1997 from IGNOU

Time : 3 hours
Max. Mark : 75

Note : There are six questions in this paper.
Question 1 us compulsory and carries 30 marks.
Attempt any three from the rest.

(a) Draw an E-R diagram for a Hospital System. Convert this diagram to a suitable relational schema.

(b) Convert the following query in domain calculus to relational algebra, tuple calculus and English words {< A, B > | < A, B> BELONGS rel1 6B = ‘B1′ VB = ‘B2′}

(c) What is view ? What are the problems associated with an update operation of RDBMS if it is to be performed using views ?

(d) Explain the sort and merge method of Query evaluation.

(e) What is a Log in RDBMS ? what is write-ahead log-strategy ? How is this strategy useful in recovery of centralised databases ?

(f) what is intention-mode locking ? Explain various locks used for locking a hierarchical structure of database.

Write short notes on the following :
(a) Statistical Databases
(b) Access matrix and query modification
(c) Atomicity of Transaction
(d) Phantom phenomenon
(e) Cascading rollback

(a) What is prenex normal form for a query ? Explain with the help of an example.

(b) What are the basic components of a Query Processor ? Discuss.

(c) What are the states of a Transaction ? Discuss.

(a) What is shadow paging scheme for database recovery ?

(b) Describe the time-stamp based concurrency management scheme.

5. (a) A relation X { A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H} is having functional dependences as


Develop the normalised relational scheme of the relation.

(b) Define the following terms :
(i) Access Plan
(ii) Join Selectivity
(iii) Join Indexes
(iv) Serializable Schedule
(v) Two phase locking protocol

Write short notes on the following in the context of RDBMS :
(a) Triggers and Referential Integrity
(b) Relational Algebra versus Relational Calculus
(c) Embedded Data Manipulation Language
(d) Archival Databases
(e) Disaster Recovery
(f) Transaction Redo
(g) Check Pointing

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