DEC 1998

Time : 3 Hours
Max. Marks : 75

Note: Question 1 is compulsory.
Answer any three from the rest.

(a) Write an algorithm that solves the producer/consumers problem with a bounded buffer. How is it different from the unbounded buffer algorithm? Explain

(b) Explain the two primitive operations of a semaphore and implement the busy-wait implementation of them.

(c) Discuss a detailed step-by-step comparison of Lamport’s and Ricart 7 Agrawala’s algorithms for mutual exclusion.

(d) Write the functional specifications of file CREATE and file READ

(a) Discuss the performance evaluation of various scheduling algorithms.

(b) Explain the following process management OS calls

(a) Write about different formal models of protection and how they are different on the basis of access control.

(b) What is the primary goal of Authentication and how can you achieve that through the password mechanism?

(a) Point out and discuss the major differences in resource management requirements between uniprocessor operating systems and multiprocessor operating systems.

(b) Discuss various types of multiprocessor interconnections. Also discuss about their operation, scalability, scheduling, interprocess communication and complexity

(a) Explain the algorithm for regeneration of Lost Token in a distributed system.

(b) Describe the operation of and discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of circuit switching, message switching and packet switching.

(a) How can you prevent a system from deadlock? Explain.

(b) Write an algorithm to determine whether a given system is in a deadlock and explain

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