JUNE 1998

Question Paper of CS-16 – Object-Oriented Systems of June 1998 from IGNOU

Note : Question one is compulsory. Answer any three from the rest.

1. (a) Define the following terms with examples:
(i) Abstract data type
(ii) Polymorphism
(iii) Inheritance
(iv) Templates

(b) Design an EMPLOYEE base class. Define all its possible methods and data structures. Through inheritance mechanism, create one class namely MANAGER. Implement its data structure and important methods. Assume that you are making this design for the purpose of making a salary statement. Observe the following while designing classes:

� Clearly indicate public and private classes
� Design constructors in each class and explain its purpose
� Identify data structure and methods which can be inherited
� Implementation should be in C++

(c) Design a template class for finding a key value in a list of elements.

2.(a) Prepare object diagrams showing atleast 10 relationships among the following object classes. Include associations, aggregations and generalizations. Use qualified associations and show multiplicity balls in your diagrams. You do not need to show attributes or operations. Use association names where needed. As you prepare the diagrams you may add additional object classes:

School, playground, principal, classroom, book, student, teacher, cafeteria, rest-room, computer, desk, chair, door.

(b) What is the impact of Object Oriented approach on traditional software development approaches?

3.(a) What new features should be added to SQL to provide better support for Object Oriented Concepts?

(b) Prepare a data flow diagram for computing the volume and surface area of a cylinder. Inputs are height and radius of cylinder. Outputs are volume and surface area. You can use any arbitrary formula for demonstration. Discuss several ways of implementing the DFD.

4. (a) Rephrase the following requirements to make them more precise. Remove any design decisions posing as requirements:

A system to transfer data form one computer to another over a telecommunication line. The system should transmit data reliably over noisy channels. Data must not be lost if the receiving end cannot keep up or if the line drops out. Data should be transmitted in packets, using a master-slave protocol in which the receiving end acknowledges or negatively acknowledges all exchanges.

(b) Write code, including class declarations and methods, to implement the following using pointers in C++ One-to-one association which is traversed in both directions.

5.(a) Design a template class for implementation of BINARY TREE.

(b) Implement the following class using C++ and any other non-object-oriented language: Sorted_dictionary

6 Write short notes on the following :
(a) Reusability
(b) Extensibility
(c) Robustness

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