Dec 2001

Question Paper of CS-10 – Software Engineering of Dec 2001 from IGNOU

Note: Question 1 is compulsory. Answer any three from the rest.

1. (a) Suppose we wish to design software for a Network based Leave Information System for an organization. Every employee in the organization is having a Sanctioning Authority (i.e. an officer who is higher in designation than the employee who can sanction leave for the employee and employee should apply for leave to this office). (20)

The System should have the following features:

i. An employee should be able to apply for leave from any computer in his organization

ii. The System should show the Balance Sheet of leaves of various categories i.e EL, CL etc.

iii. The System should show the name of his Sanctioning Authority.

iv. The System should have a Menu Item titled “Status of Current Leave Application” under which it should specify whether the Latest Leave Application of employee is approved or not.

Now, do the following for the above mentioned specifications for the System:

1. Develop a System Requirement Specification
2. Design DFD’s at 2 to 3 levels
3. Identify various S/W modules and its operations
4. Discuss testing strategy for one S/W Module

(b) Develop a procedural design for a program that accepts an arbitrarily long text as input and produces a list of words and their frequency of occurrence as output. Discuss S/W design concepts and principles used (i.e coupling, cohesion, structured programming style etc) (10)

(a) Does the information flow continuity mean that if one flow arrow appears as input at level 0 in a Data Flow Diagram, then one flow arrow must appear as input at subsequent levels? Discuss your answer. (7)

(b) How are the concepts of coupling and software portability related? Provide examples to support your discussion. (8)

(a) You have been given the responsibility for improving the quality of software across your organization. What is the first thing that you should do? What’s next? (10)

(b) Is it possible to assess the quality of software if the customer keeps changing his mind about what it is supposed to do? Justify your answer. (5)

(a) Is it fair to say that a preliminary user’s manual is a form of prototype? Explain your answer (10)

(b) Write down S/W requirement specification for the following: A Library Information System (5)

(a) Write a short note on FURPS quality factors. (7)

(b) What are the set of attributes that should be encompassed by effective software metrics? Explain them. (8)

(a) If you could only select three test case design methods to apply during unit testing, what would they be and why? (7)

(b) Is unit testing possible or even desirable in all circumstances? Provide examples to justify your answer. (8)

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